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After struggling for years to wrap my head around the legal drama in the news, I was faced with a pretty big challenge of my own. My son was accused of a crime that he swore he didn't commit, although I was a little less than convinced. However, after evaluating the facts, I could tell that he was telling the truth, so we hired a professional lawyer who could help us through the challenge of fighting the charges. The lawyer worked hard to make things right, and within a few short months, my son was in the clear. Read more about legal problems in this blog.


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What Kinds Of Medical Mistakes Are Handled By A Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Medical malpractice can encompass a wide range of medical mistakes. A personal injury lawyer with experience in medical malpractice cases can help victims or their families take on powerful medical institutions and win fair and just compensation.

Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnosis of illness or injury.

If a victim has a serious illness or injury that is misdiagnosed, subsequent treatment will be negatively affected. This may result in a worsening of the medical condition, which could lead to permanent disability or death. If the patient does recover, misdiagnosis can a result in extension of recovery time, and additional pain and suffering.

  • Administering wrong medication or multiple medications that create an adverse reaction.

Prescribing the wrong medications can slow or halt the recovery process, possibly to the point where the medical condition is no longer treatable by the correct medication. In more severe cases, it will cause an adverse reaction that can lead to worsening of the medical condition or death.

  • Mistakes while performing surgical procedures.

Surgeries may be performed incorrectly, or even on the wrong area of the body. So many mistakes have been made during surgical procedures that patients are now often marked so the surgical team will operate on the correct area.

Unfortunately, surgical mistakes can result in a patient's death, with the family told that the patient died of other causes. A medical malpractice attorney can procure medical experts who will uncover the truth and allow the family to receive just compensation.

  • Birth injuries to the child or birth mother.

Babies that suffer injuries such as oxygen deprivation during childbirth will often have lifetime physical and mental challenges. Medical mistakes during pregnancy or childbirth can also cause harm to the birth mother, which can result in infection, sterility, or death.

How is the amount of compensation determined in a medical malpractice case?

Compensation awarded in medical malpractice cases is based on the severity of the injuries caused. If a victim recovers from the medical mistake, they may be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Permanent disability or death requires that compensation be based not only on medical bills and the victims's pain and suffering.

The expected future income of the victim, as well as the emotional impact on the victim's family, must also be considered. Each case is different, and only with the help of a medical malpractice lawyer can a victim hope to receive fair compensation. For more help, contact a professional like Jon D. Caminez, PA to learn more.