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Understanding Legal Battles

After struggling for years to wrap my head around the legal drama in the news, I was faced with a pretty big challenge of my own. My son was accused of a crime that he swore he didn't commit, although I was a little less than convinced. However, after evaluating the facts, I could tell that he was telling the truth, so we hired a professional lawyer who could help us through the challenge of fighting the charges. The lawyer worked hard to make things right, and within a few short months, my son was in the clear. Read more about legal problems in this blog.


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3 Reasons To Work With A Real Estate Attorney Before Buying A Home

So, you've just found that perfect home and are scheduled to close on it in the next few weeks. You've already gone through the "hard part" of the home-buying process: getting approved for financing, shopping around, and negotiating with the sellers, right? Well, you're not in the clear yet; there's a lot that can go wrong before or during the closing process, which is why working with a real estate lawyer from now until your finalized purchase is a smart move. There are a number of ways in which a real estate lawyer can assist you.

1. Discover Liens and Other Issues

First of all, a real estate attorney run a title search on your soon-to-be home, which is something you should never buy a house without doing. During a title search, your lawyer will review the deed and title history of the home itself, checking specifically for any current liens on the property or other problematic encumbrances. While the chances of there being a lien on the home are relatively low, it's always better to be safe than sorry so as to avoid major legal headaches down the road.

2. Avoid Contractual Misunderstandings

Another reason to have a real estate attorney on your side before closing on a home is that he or she will be able to attend the closing process with you and review contracts/paperwork before you sign anything. After all, the closing process can be quite overwhelming otherwise, as there are often dozens of papers that need to be signed by each party. By having a real estate attorney there with you to explain exactly what it is that you're signing and make sure you're not signing anything that could work against you, you'll enjoy greater peace of mind with your purchase.

3. Save the Hassle of Filing Paperwork

Finally, depending on where you're purchasing your home, there's a good chance that you'll need to file some paperwork with your local city or county offices. This is especially important when it comes to your home's deed. Fortunately, with a real estate attorney (such as Iannello Anderson) on your side, this is something you won't have to worry about. Instead, your attorney will take care of filing all the necessary paperwork and providing you with copies for your records. As a result, you can enjoy a more stress-free home-buying process while ensuring that the filing of your deed is taken care of the right way.