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Does The Non-Custodial Parent Have To Provide Medical Insurance?

Your child's insurance and medical care will become part of the discussion during child support negotiations with the other parent. Who is responsible for covering the bills and providing insurance can have a bearing on the support that is ordered by the court. If you are the custodial parent, here is what you need to know about your child's medical expenses.  

Who Is Responsible for Providing Medical Insurance?

Your state's laws dictate who is responsible for providing medical insurance for your child. Some states require the non-custodial parent to provide the coverage, while others require both parents to split the costs of the coverage.  

Some states might require the custodial parent to provide coverage, but call for the non-custodial parent to cover expenses that exceed a certain dollar amount.  

To determine which laws apply to your particular situation, consult with your child support lawyer. He or she can help you determine whether or not you will be partially or solely responsible for your child's medical expenses.  

Can You Be Reimbursed for Medical Expenses?

Whether or not you can be reimbursed by the non-custodial parent for medical expenses that are not covered by medical insurance depends on your child support order and state laws. If your order allows for the reimbursement of those expenses, there are a few factors to consider when requesting reimbursement.   

One factor is the necessity and reasonableness of the medical expense. If the expense is considered unreasonable, it is possible that the non-custodial parent could successfully dispute the cost.  

Another factor that could influence your request for reimbursement is how it is paid back. Depending on your state's laws, the non-custodial parent might be required to pay the payment owed directly to your state's child support agency. If payment is owed to a doctor or clinic or other health care provider, the non-custodial parent might also be directed to pay the provider instead. 

Regardless of your state's laws regarding reimbursement, it is important that you keep track of all documentation supporting the medical expenses owed. Provide copies of the documentation to the non-custodial parent so that he or she can verify the expense, if necessary.  

Consult with an experienced child support lawyer like Cotto Law Firm P.C. to gain further understanding of your state's laws regarding health care and how it applies to your particular situation. Your lawyer can help ensure that your child's medical needs are fairly considered when settling the child support issue.