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After struggling for years to wrap my head around the legal drama in the news, I was faced with a pretty big challenge of my own. My son was accused of a crime that he swore he didn't commit, although I was a little less than convinced. However, after evaluating the facts, I could tell that he was telling the truth, so we hired a professional lawyer who could help us through the challenge of fighting the charges. The lawyer worked hard to make things right, and within a few short months, my son was in the clear. Read more about legal problems in this blog.


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Three Myths Surrounding Traffic Ticket Lawyers And The Truth Surrounding These Myths

If you have recently received a ticket, you may be considering hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to help you fight the ticket. However, you may have heard one of many myths that are floating around about these lawyers that may cause you to wonder if you should invest in one. Here are three common myths related to traffic ticket lawyers and the truth surrounding these myths. 

Myth 1: The Same Tactic is Used to Fight Every Ticket

One of the most common myths related to a traffic ticket attorney is that the attorney uses the same tactic to fight every ticket. Many people believe that a traffic ticket attorney simply fights the ticket, hoping the issuing officer will not show up and the ticket will be dismissed. However, there are many defenses or tactics that a traffic ticket attorney can use to help fight a ticket or get it dismissed, including the calibration of a radar gun or the timing of a red light camera. An attorney does not simply contest the violation and hope the officer does not appear. 

Myth 2: Traffic Ticket Lawyers Can Get Every Ticket Dismissed or Reduced

Another common myth surrounding traffic ticket attorneys is that you are guaranteed to get your ticket reduced or dismissed if you hire an attorney. While attorneys pride themselves on helping to get the majority of their cases reduced or dismissed, an attorney is not a miracle worker and cannot get every single ticket reduced or dismissed. You must be aware of this going on, which is why you need to ask an attorney you are hiring what their track record is when it comes to winning cases. 

Myth 3: It is Not Worth It To Fight a Traffic Ticket

The final myth surrounding traffic ticket lawyers is that it is not worth it to fight a traffic ticket. What many people do not realize is all the ways a traffic ticket can affect your life. Traffic tickets can be expensive, ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Having a traffic ticket on your record can increase your insurance rates. And, if you have multiple traffic violations, it can lead to you being ineligible for certain driving jobs or even having your license suspended. Working to reduce or dismiss traffic violations is often cheaper than paying the fine and facing the other consequences.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to help you fight a traffic violation you may have received. If you have received a ticket, get in touch with a traffic ticket attorney today to learn more about the fines you may be facing and the tactics or defenses a lawyer can use to help you get your traffic ticket reduced or dismissed.