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Understanding Legal Battles

After struggling for years to wrap my head around the legal drama in the news, I was faced with a pretty big challenge of my own. My son was accused of a crime that he swore he didn't commit, although I was a little less than convinced. However, after evaluating the facts, I could tell that he was telling the truth, so we hired a professional lawyer who could help us through the challenge of fighting the charges. The lawyer worked hard to make things right, and within a few short months, my son was in the clear. Read more about legal problems in this blog.


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Estate Planning: You Need It Even If You Don’T Think You Do

It seems that many people do not understand the need for estate planning. If you think you do not have any assets to worry about what happens after you die, you should probably think again. It is also important you understand that the steps you take and the planning you make official can also be used if you should become mentally incapacitated. Here are the basic steps you should take now, to ensure you and your assets are taken care of the way you want and not the way the state will. Read More 

Three Things You’ll Need When Filing An Immigrant Petition For An Alien Worker

As an employer, it is ideal if you can find local talent who can fill the open positions you have within your place of business, but sometimes, this is neither easy or logical, which can lead you to needing to hire an alien worker. While hiring alien workers is perfectly legal, anything long-term must be done the right way according to immigration laws and regulations. To hire someone who is not a US citizen, you will have to file an immigrant petition for an alien worker with the government. Read More 

Can You Sue For Emotional Problems After A Car Accident?

The injuries from a car accident are not always limited to just physical ones. Sometimes, mental stress can develop. In some instances, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic disorder have been experienced after an accident. If you developed emotional problems following a car accident, here is what you need to know. Can You File a Claim or Sue? Emotional distress is a real injury that can occur following an accident. It can manifest in several ways, including depression and anxiety. Read More 

Can My Employer Hold My Work Injury Against Me?

There are very few circumstances where an employee sues his employer. In being eligible for workers compensation, you give up your rights to sue your employer. Even so, work-related injury and workers' compensation often creates a permanent strain in the employee-employer relationship. Yes, it is possible that your employer can hold your work injury against you. Here are some of the possible ways as to how an employer can do so: Read More 

Your 341 Bankruptcy Meeting

Most people think that, at some point in their bankruptcy proceedings, they will have to appear before a judge in a courtroom. In fact, this is somewhat of a misnomer. The only appearance that most bankruptcy filers will need to face is the 341 meeting, named after the number of the bankruptcy code. This meeting is far less intimidating than a courtroom appearance, and it is seldom as scary as it sounds. Read More